Veith - 1006 : Nothing But This Manna | Total Transformation (DVD)

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The typology of heavenly bread serves as a lesson book for the children of God until the end of time. Rebellion against God’s precepts in literal Israel’s time brought physical and spiritual pain, misery, and suffering. The same applies in the time of antitypical Israel. This lecture explores God’s great end-time message as it is written into the lives of ancient Israel and its prophets such as Daniel and John the Baptist, who serve as typical Elijahs. As God tried to lead the children of Israel back to Himself, so God will do the same for antitypical Israel. As ancient Israel hungered for the fleshpots of Egypt, so antitypical Israel will hunger for the fleshpots of antitypical Egypt. Disobedience led to spiritual decline in typical Israel, and the same will happen in antitypical Israel. Learn how ignoring the message today will lead to the same results ancient Israel experienced. (100 minutes)