Veith - 208 : Seven Seals | Total Onslaught (DVD)

Walter Veith
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The book of Revelation reveals the good news that there will be a people who, despite persecution, will stand on the platform of truth and will not submit to compromise. This exposé of Revelation 4 to 7 shows the battle surrounding the Gospel and explains the historical significance of the seven seals and their interpretation. It is a fascinating tale of the war between light and darkness which culminates in the final onslaught on salvation in Christ alone. This lecture includes both a broad survey of the many interpretations of the seals, and the historical significance of the seals (91 minutes).

  • Overview of history 
  • Three angels’ messages 
  • What the future holds 

History revealed: The correct understanding of the seals, the history of the church since Christ’s day, Revelation is a book that covers history, the great controversy between Christ and Satan