Veith - 283: Repairing the Breach | Repairing the Breach (DVD)

Walter Veith
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God’s character lies shattered on the highways of theological compromise and apostasy. It is the duty of God’s final people to restore the breach in the wall of Jerusalem. This study includes a discussion of the doctrines that set God’s remnant apart from every other denomination. Repairing the Breach is a call to repentance and a call to the acceptance of the everlasting gospel in contrast to a mutilated gospel presented in the world today. Walter Veith takes a look at the history and formation of the great doctrines which have made Seventh-day Adventists what they are, particularly the sanctuary, the Sabbath, the law, and the final gathering. These are contrasted with the wine of Babylon that has made the nations drunk with the wine of their fornication. (1 hour, 43 minutes)