Veith - 957: Counting and Keeping your Members (DVD)

Walter Veith
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Why is church membership declining, especially among the youth? What is the secret to church growth and retention? Do you want to know how to increase church attendance, especially among the youth? Why is adopting a celebration church style or teaching spiritual formation not the solution to church decline?

Walter Veith discusses the changing face of evangelism within Adventism and the outcomes of experimental techniques used to foster church growth. Why have some of our celebration mega churches left the fold and taken our youth with them? What’s wrong with the new methods of evangelism? Why don’t they work? What can we learn from the Reformation martyrs, the Spirit of Prophecy, and the Bible that will help us draw new members and keep them and our youth? What can be done to keep people on fire for the Lord?

Learn the keys to church growth and a vibrant, committed, healthy church membership.

63 minutes