Walsh - 824: The Aftermath of Deception | Prophetic Prototype: Lessons from the Life of John the Baptist (DVD)

Eric Walsh
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At Jesus’ baptism, John the Baptist came into contact with Jesus, God the Father and the Holy Ghost. Since John is a representative of the remnant, what can we learn from this event? What can it teach us that will help us to navigate the stormy waters of doctrinal upheaval that have hit the church?

One of the most challenging and dangerous of these doctrinal crises is the debate regarding the nature of the Godhead. Is Jesus divine? Is the Holy Spirit a person? Does it matter what we believe about the nature of God? Dr Walsh  shares the moving story of the death of his cousin NFL star Shawn Taylor, and tells of the faith of his praying grandmother in relation to God’s nature and purpose. He also looks at the controversies that are swirling about us, where they will lead and what’s behind them.