White - Conflict of the Ages (5 Book Set)

Ellen White
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With inspiring insights and applicable lessons for today’s readers, this five-volume set by Ellen G. White is a panoramic view of the controversy between good and evil. It looks at the history of the conflict from its very beginning in heaven to its conclusion and the total elimination of evil. Each of the five volumes deals with a different time period and shows the manifestation of the conflict in the lives of God’s people. The series pulls back the curtain, exposing the hidden machinations of Satan and the working out of God’s purpose through the ministry of angels and the cooperation of His people.

The Conflict of the Ages series provides satisfying answers for those who wonder why God allows evil to continue, what the purpose of life is, and what God is like.

Volume 1, Patriarchs and Prophets, covers the time from the Creation to the close of David’s reign as king over Israel. Important lessons about Creation, the Fall, the division between God’s faithful people and the rebellious, Noah, Abraham and his descendants, the gathering of the nation of Israel into their own land, and Israel’s first two kings are included in this volume.

Volume 2, Prophets and Kings describes the ups and downs of God’s chosen people, beginning with the glorious reign of King Solomon, and ending with their carrying away into captivity as a consequence of their apostasy. The riveting stories of prophets such as Elijah, Jeremiah, and Daniel, along with good and wicked rulers, teach faith-building lessons and demonstrate the longsuffering of God as He yearns for His wayward children.

Volume 3, The Desire of Ages is an all-time bestseller, an unparalleled book on the life of Christ. Cherished by Christians of different denominations around the world, The Desire of Ages, presents Christ as the answer to every heart’s longing. It covers the events surrounding His birth, His life, death, and resurrection and follows Him to His triumphal entry through the gates of heaven, to His Father’s throne.

Volume 4, The Acts of the Apostles tells the exciting story of the spread of Christianity from its birthplace in Israel to all the world. A study of the lives of the apostles and their work reveals lessons for every Christian living today, commissioned to advance the work begun by the apostles.

Volume 5, the last of the Conflict of the Ages series, The Great Controversy, follows the march of the Gospel to all lands, describes the growth and subsequent corruption of the church, and concludes with the glorious return of Christ at His Second Coming and the restoration of all things. Great revivals of the past and future are brought in view, the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation are explained, the identification of Antichrist is made clear, and the issues surrounding the final events of earth’s history are revealed in this life-changing volume. 

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