White - 1888 Sermons (Book)

Ellen White
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Ellen White referred to events that took place at the 1888 General Conference in Minneapolis as a “terrible experience” and “one of the saddest chapters in the history of the believers of present truth.” What happened there that shocked the church so much that we are still talking about 1888 to this very day?

Ellen White’s 1888 Sermons provide insights into this pivotal time in the church’s history and lessons we must still learn today.  Presented at the General Conference Institute and the General Conference Session which followed it, the nine sermons are:


  • A Living Connection with God
  • Tell of God's Love and Power
  • The Need of Advancement
  • Advancing in Christian Experience
  • A Chosen People
  • Counsels to Ministers
  • Remarks on Missionary Work
  • Morning Talk
  • Call to a Deeper Study of the Word

 Isn’t it time we understood the issues so we can avoid making the same mistakes?

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