White - Counsels For The Church (Book) - Hard Cover

Ellen White
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Have the inspired testimonies and counsels of Ellen White, given over the span of 70 years, become outdated? While many today lay them aside with just such a thought, feeling that times have changed and her words are no longer relevant, the fact that her writings are still in demand testify of the timeless value of her writings. God continues to use her writings to provide relevant reproof, instruction, and guidance to His people living in these last days.

Counsels for the Church, compiled from the writings of Ellen G. White, was first published in 1957 to meet the need of supplying general counsel to the church in different parts of the world. A concise volume that could be affordably translated into many languages, Counsels for the Church was organized by fundamental themes and has provided important instruction and encouragement over a wide range of topics for church members around the world. These counsels are as much needed today to inform, enlighten, and guide God’s people as they were when this volume was first published.