White - Shelter In the Storm (Book)

Ellen White
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Find your way to Christ, the only safe spiritual harbour in the storms of life. Shelter in the Storm is a handbook on Christian living, with the way to Christ carefully explained. This book combines the whole of the classic Steps to Christ with the most important chapters of The Great Controversy.  

Topics covered include:

  •         How to come back to God,
  •         How to ask Him for forgiveness,
  •         The New Birth: what it is and how to receive it,
  •         How the love of God can change your life,
  •         How to keep this new experience and deepen it, and
  •         How to pray so your prayers will be answered.

The book also contains over 200 Bible promises to help in facing life’s difficulties, practical solutions for dealing with doubt and discouragement, as well as tips for living a life of gratitude. Discover the secret to having peace in the midst of life’s crises in Shelter in the Storm.

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