White - Youth's Instructor Articles (Book)

Ellen White
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In 1852 James White recognized a need for a paper for the youth in the church. In the late summer of that year, he launched a monthly magazine which he titled, “The Youth’s Instructor.” The subscription price for twelve issues was a mere 25 cents. In the first issue it was written, “We design that the Instructor shall be filled with sensible matter, not only for the benefit of small children, but for the instruction of the youth from 16 to 20 years of age.” For several years, this paper served a wide range of youth in the Adventist church.

In 1879, the paper changed to a four page weekly issue and was published continuously in this format until the spring of 1970, varying in size from four to thirty-two pages in one issue. During her lifetime Ellen White contributed more-than four hundred articles to “The Youth’s Instructor.”

Many of the original copies used for this reproduction contain markings indicating portions that were included in various printed volumes. May this material continue to be a blessing to every reader.

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