Wilkinson - Truth Triumphant (Book)

Benjamin G. Wilkinson
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This is a fascinating read about the early church - where the early apostles ministered, how the gospel spread throughout the world, and what gnostic forces faced the young fledgling church. Learn about long-forgotten heroes of the early church from whose efforts we now have preserved the textus receptus upon which the King James Bible is based. If it wasn't for these fearless early Christians who preserved every detail of truth, we would not have the truth we have today.

This book is enlightening, entertaining, fascinating, at times humorous, and an absolute must-read for every Christian to understand the conflict that has ever faced the Christian church and still threatens it to this day.

The story revealed shines a strong light on the history of God’s people. Some of the fascinating topics include: the silent cities of Syria with a fascinating description of B.G. Wilkinson’s archaeological findings in Syria of the early church, Lucian in Antioch – the fearlessly dedicated editor that maintained the integrity of the Word and was hated by the apostate and gnostic theologians of Alexandria, Aidan and the church in England, Adam and the church in China, Marcos of Peking, the church in Japan and the Philippines, Aba and the church in Persia, Columbanus and the church in Europe, Timothy of Bagdad – the church under Mohammedan rule, and the great struggle in India.

Learn how the church survived, spread, and sometimes thrived in all these areas to which the early missionaries traveled. You will be thrilled and inspired to be of the same spirit as those who spread the Word in those early days. In fact, you may even find some missionary zeal for these latter days as we prepare for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit once more to finish the work.

The author’s own prayer is “that the promised latter rain of the Holy Spirit will use these pages to enlighten others so that they may share the blessing promised to those who live victoriously in the closing scenes of earth’s history.”


Be armed, be informed, be enlightened by this outstanding work that will not bore you for one minute of its 400 pages.

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