Zachary - Into the Jungle (Book)

Jame Zachary Jr
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God enjoys doing the impossible. It tends to place all the praise and glory where it rightfully belongs. It is so easy for us to take the credit when it is our plan and our budget and our personnel that accomplish the task. But, it is only the power and wisdom of God that can complete His work. God will finish His work in amazing ways, using the most humble human instruments.

That is the spirit in which this book is written. All of the stories recorded here happened at the will and by the power of God. It is my prayer that as the reader peruses this book he again and again will say, "Thank you, Lord. Your ways are wise. Your power is great. I open my heart to have You work Your miracles upon do not know You as their Friend and Savior. With your help I will reach our and touch someone with Your love today."

"May the day come quickly when our great God can find those humble persons through whom He will finish His work and come in glory to take us home. This is my prayer for you as well as for myself, dear reader."—James H. Zachary, Jr.

Some of the many stories that will thrill readers are as follows:

  • Mission teachers encouraged by a vision of Jesus and an angel
  • A witch doctor who left his evil practices to begin keeping the Sabbath after having two dreams
  • Demon possession and the fight for souls who wanted to be baptized
  • Rebel activity and the death of various villagers
  • Triumph in Christ and acceptance of the truths of the Bible