Children Ages 2-6 Activity Bundle

Ron Meinhardt
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Have fun while they learn!

Included in this Bundle 

Matched 2 by 2 - Noah's Ark (Game)

This fun game helps children match picture cards of animals while learning about Noah’s ark. A great way to engage young children. How many pairs of animals can you match?

Byres - Forever Stories (5 Books)

Forever Stories, written for preschool listeners and early elementary readers, tells the story of the plan of salvation in an engaging, age-appropriate style. The five-volume set reveals the themes of the great controversy between good and evil and includes stories about Lucifer’s rebellion, Creation and the Fall, Abraham and Isaac, the Ten Commandments and the sanctuary, John the Baptist, Jesus’ ministry, and the New Jerusalem. Contemporary, evocative illustrations help carry the message of God’s love for His children and sorrow over sin.

Sing For Joy (Music Book)

Sing for Joy includes nearly 150 songs that are suitable for church, Sabbath school, family worship time, and any place children want to lift their voices to make a joyful noise to the Lord.