Truth Matters Podcast: Episode 7 - Freedom Convoy, Trudeau and the World Economic Forum (DVD)

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In this episode, we look at the truckers’ Freedom Convoy and Trudeau’s response. Why did Canada’s prime minister choose to deepen division in the country rather than work to restore unity? Could it be that the protest gave global power brokers the opportunity they’ve been waiting for to advance the goals of The Great Reset?

We look at statements Klaus Schwab has made regarding The Forum of Young Global Leaders, who are the elites in all sectors of global society today. Listen to Schwab reveal how the program’s alumni have penetrated governments around the world. Does this explain why the world’s power brokers seem to share the same mindset on what the only solution to the world’s problems is? Will it result in a new world order? What does a startling quote from Henry Kissinger’s World Order reveal about the ultimate goal of The Great Reset?

Find out in this episode and discover why Bible prophecy is still the only reliable roadmap for the future.

1 hour 10 minutes