Wheeler - Togo: The Sled Dog (Book)

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If you know the story of Balto, you need to know about Togo. Balto was the sled dog that became famous for leading his team on the final leg of the journey to Nome, Alaska, delivering medicine to fight an outbreak of diphtheria in the community in 1925. Both Balto and Togo belonged to Leonhard Seppala, and both ran the Great Race of Mercy to Nome. But for Seppala, it was Togo that deserved the greater credit, and the dog he called “the best dog that ever traveled the Alaska trail.” Read Togo’s amazing story in this collection of stories.

Togo, the Sled Dog, is an anthology of short stories from northern communities in Norway, Alaska, British Columbia, the Arctic Circle and other places. The animals featured include sled dogs, wolves, weasels, and eagles in a veritable Who’s Who of the North.