Wheeler - Tawney: The Magnificent Jaguar (Book)

Joe Wheeler
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Tawny showed no alarm.  Why should he?  He was not afraid.  The great three-hundred-pound cat had never in his life met anything that he could not conquer….

Just as the painted pair caught a welcome whiff of the pungent eucalyptus tree that marked the hidden jungle entrance they were planning to enter, Tawny’s quivering nostrils caught a faint trace of something else – the dreaded man scent! He did not need to see the group of native hunters half hidden in the underbrush to know that all was lost!

The eighth book in Joe L. Wheeler’s The Good Lord Made Them All series is filled with stories of jungle animals.  From Mexico to Myanmar, and many places in between, you’ll learn about lions and leopards, elephants and buffaloes, camels and cobras. A truly global compilation of stories, this collection is sure to become a family favorite.

 “There is something about stories featuring animals with larger-than-life reputations, such as rhinos, elephants, lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, and serpents, that fascinate not only children but all age groups.  What could be more terrifying than a man-eating tiger on the prowl or a rampaging rogue elephant?” Joe L. Wheeler invites us to experience more fascinating adventures in God’s great “Web of Life.”