Cross - 3021: Kitchen Remedies | Old Mountain Remedies (DVD)

Walt Cross
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Want to know how to stock your kitchen with simple ingredients for making natural cures to treat a range of medical conditions? Want to learn eight easy rules to lay the foundation for healing and optimal health? In this presentation, Walt Cross takes us into the kitchen to talk about the eight laws of health and to show us how to make powerful medicines from healing herbs and easy-to-find natural ingredients.

Learn how to make a mustard plaster, wound salve, and poultices using charcoal or raw potato. Find out how to use food grade hydrogen peroxide to treat a stubborn candida yeast infection or cancer. What alternatives are there for antibiotics? How can burns be treated to avoid scarring? God has provided powerful healing effects in simple remedies you can make at home.

The presenter also introduces his favorite, most effective essential oils and explains how to use them. The essential oils from herbs are extremely potent sources of healing. Learn about peppermint, frankincense, lemongrass, oil of oregano, cayenne pepper, milk thistle, lobelia, hawthorn, and much more. This packed presentation will give you all the information you need to stock your kitchen to make it a natural remedies medicine cabinet!

111 Minutes