Cross - 3022: Old Mountain Remedies | Old Mountain Remedies (DVD)

Walt Cross
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Would you like to know how to boost your immune system? What are the best immune boosting foods you should include in your diet? What everyday things are you doing to wipe out your immune system? What do top herbalists have in their arsenal for dealing with a pandemic? In this episode, Walt Cross shares simple secrets on how to boost your immune system with immune boosting foods and natural ingredients.

Learn what to do to effectively treat a range of medical conditions at home, including: ulcers, burns, strep throat, ear and eye infections, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, shingles, hormonal problems, and many others. Learn about pine sap, activated charcoal, poultices, garlic, ginger, aloe, turmeric, cayenne, and other simple but powerful natural healing products. Be inspired as Walt shares amazing health restoration stories of clients who were healed, and his own account of how he overcame ulcerative colitis.

2 hours, 47 minutes