DeVasher - 1406: True Unity (DVD)

Kameron DeVasher
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We all want to be closer to God. We can achieve closeness through unity with him, but how can we find unity? In Kameron DeVasher‘s sermon “True Unity,” you will see through scripture how Jesus encourages unity through following the word of God. DeVasher explores how the opposite of unity is not disunity, but in fact a counterfeit unity wherein people unify against the veracity of the word. Focusing on John 17 and Acts 7, DeVasher poses important questions: what is true unity? How does unity inspire spiritual growth? How can Satan trick us with false unity? Perhaps the opposite of unity is not disunity, but a dark and evil unity where people are united against God’s truth. 

Oftentimes, believing in God’s word can cause disunity with other people and material things. But we can remind ourselves that true satisfaction comes from God’s approval, not from the approval of others. Satan can be sly in tricking us into believing counterfeit forms of unity, and he can cause us to believe that we need to believe certain things to be happy. In fact, money, jobs, and popularity are not vital. This message explores the truth of God’s word and how we should desire unity with him. We should seek the approval of God above the approval of others. (60 minutes)