DeVasher - 1449: The Centurion (DVD)

Kameron DeVasher
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The story of Jesus’ encounter with the centurion is somewhat controversial. Some people read the account in Matthew and in Luke and there are seeming contradictory verses. However, as we take a deep investigative look into the Bible we will see how the text is actually consistent. Let us take a meticulous look at the centurion’s meeting with Jesus to figure out what really happened.

In this lecture with pastor Kameron DeVasher we will examine how different authors of different books of the Bible glean different details out of the same experience. Events are nuanced and faceted, with context that many of us misunderstand due to cultural differences or contextual issues. Once we take a closer look at this story we will see how it tells the same story just from different experiential perspectives. The Bible is truly the inspired Word of God, and though many people may try to dissemble and disprove the Holy Word, when we are equipped with thorough research and reading we can always find proof. This Bible study will help clarify how everything in the Bible is harmonious and in line with the complex and magnificent character with God. 32 minutes