Drebit - 1330: Unlocking Prophecy: Back to Biblical Hermeneutics (4 DVD set)

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Why does it seem there are as many different interpretations of Bible prophecy as there are pastors? How do you know which interpretation is right? Do you long to find the key that will open prophecy to you so you can study and understand Bible prophecy for yourself? Would you like to learn how to study the Bible and see for yourself how the Bible interprets the symbols of Revelation?

Many believe that prophecy is complicated and impossible to understand without the help of a study guide or having an expert explain it on a video. In this 4-part series, MacKenzie Drebit reveals the Bible’s own set of rules for unlocking the mysteries of prophecy. Learn about some of the popular but erroneous Bible study methods, see how we can be sure that Daniel and Revelation have been unlocked, and find out why the Bible version you use really does matter.

Discover the key to unlocking the true meaning of Bible prophecy!

This four-part series was recorded live at Amazing Discoveries’ studios as part of AD’s 2022 campmeeting presentations.


Filmed Campmeeting 2022