Drebit - 1334: Did Louis F. Were Try to Reshape Adventism? | Unlocking Prophecy (DVD)

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In this lecture, MacKenzie Drebit traces the history of some of the errors that have crept into Adventism through incorrect methods of interpreting Scripture.What is the reason for Adventism’s detour away from the Biblical doctrines held by the church’s pioneers? There have been many books written by different authors that have attempted to change Adventism from its foundations - one mentioned in this presentation is Louis F. Were who has his own set of hermeneutical principles. Do they align with the principles that Adventism was founded on or are they different? 

Lous F. Were has impacted mainstream Adventism in large ways. In fact, many popular Adventist theologians base their beliefs on Louis F. Were’s interpretations. Some of these modern theologians may even be considered to be “conservative”. Find out if you are actually a student of Louis F. Were and if his principles have shaped your beliefs. 

Learn why some in the church reject the interpretation of prophecy that identifies the Papacy as the Antichrist. Find out how the wrong approach and the application of erroneous principles have resulted in misinterpretation of Scripture and Ellen White. Best of all, discover the dream of William Miller that predicted these things would happen and find out how God will set it right. 

1 hour 10 minutes

Filmed Campmeeting 2022