Drebit & Goubej- 3094: Healing the Body Mind & Spirit (DVD)

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Made available during the 2022 Health summit these short but helpful videos talk about nutrition & simple natural remedies to help improve you health.

Included on this DVD are presentation by Mackenzie Drebit

Calorie Deficit Facts - Counting Calories - 14 Min

What are calories? Is counting calories for weight loss a good idea? How can what you eat cause hormonal imbalance? In this episode, we look at how carbohydrates are metabolized in the body and factors that trigger the body to store calories as fat. We look at why a calorie deficit doesn’t necessarily convert to weight loss, and why dieting often makes people feel bad. Find out about glycemic index and glycemic load. Discover the truth about counting calories in this presentation.

 How to Increase HDL Cholesterol - 7 min

What is cholesterol and what does it do in the body? What’s the difference between “good” and “bad” cholesterol? Want to know how to increase HDL cholesterol and lower LDL cholesterol? In this episode, we look at the different types of cholesterol and the factors that contribute to properly balanced blood cholesterol levels. Why is fat an essential nutrient and what’s the best kind to use? Find out in this short and informative presentation.

Vegan Protein: Are You Getting Enough?  - 18 min

How can you know if you’re getting enough vegan protein in your diet? Is it true that all foods contain protein so if you’re on a plant based diet you don’t need to be concerned about getting enough? Does broccoli really contain more protein than steak? In this video, we look at the best sources of plant based protein and how to make sense of nutrient charts. We also look at the functions of protein in the body and why getting adequate amounts of protein every day is essential for good health. Have you been underestimating the importance of protein? Find out! Learn the truth about protein and how to structure your plant based meals to ensure you’re getting enough.

A Biblical Diet for Weight Loss and Health - 14 Min

The ketogenic diet is popular for weight loss. But even plant-based keto has problems. What are they? In this presentation, we look at the keto diet and also analyze Biblical diet plans. What’s the best way to lose weight? What health principles should be considered when trying to lose weight? Learn how to calculate nutrient ratios for structuring a diet for optimal weight and health. Discover the principles of planning the best diet for you.

Presentations by Tabea Drebit

Immunity Shots | Flu Bomb - 12 min

Does your immune system need a jolt? Immunity shots may just be the boost your immune system needs to shake off a cold or flu before it takes hold. A few basic kitchen ingredients and a juicer or blender are all you need, and you’re set to go! Try this flu bomb recipe, or ginger shot, straight up or with optional add-ins. Don’t let a cold or flu get you down. Give it a shot!

When and How to Break a Fever |  Fever - 7 min

Fever is not always a bad thing. But how can you manage a fever so it does what it’s supposed to do without going too high for too long? Learn when and how to break a fever using home remedies. Which herbs are good for fever? How can water be used to manage a fever? Find out about home remedies for fever in this episode.

Cold Remedies in Your Kitchen | Tea - 19 Min

What have you got in your kitchen to use as flu and cold remedies?  Which common herbs can you use to stop a cough, soothe a sore throat, relieve congestion, cool a fever, and open your airways to improve your oxygen levels? Learn about the powerful healing properties of common kitchen herbs like sage, oregano, thyme, mint, cayenne, and others. Find out what herbs you should have on hand to help you deal with cold and flu. Watch a demonstration on how to make mullein tea using mullein along with kitchen herbs to help the lungs. Discover flu and cold remedies in your kitchen!

AND a 58-minute Testimony by Wendy Goubej

Would you know how to treat Covid at home if someone in your family became sick? Do you have natural remedies for Covid on hand in case they may be needed? Should you even consider treating Covid at home in the first place? 

The Covid-19 pandemic has generated a lot of fear and getting Covid has been a thing to be greatly dreaded. But for one family, having to deal with a life-threatening bout with Covid has taught them precious lessons on faith, the importance of community, and the powerful healing properties of natural remedies. 

In this episode, Wendy Goubej shares her experience with Covid and what prompted her to leave the hospital against the advice of the doctors who were treating her. Wendy, the operations manager at Amazing Discoveries, talks about how she found peace in spite of the possibility she could die from the illness. She says, “ What coronavirus has taught me about trusting my Saviour and the importance of community are lessons I won’t forget.” Her daughter, Tabea, discusses home remedies for Covid that the family used and explains what to take for covid at home.