Gabbert - Unbound! Insights into Mental and Spiritual Healing and Victory (Book)

Dan Gabbert
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What do you do when you step into your backyard to enjoy your newly-planted flower patch, and, instead of beautiful, happy flowers, you find that the neighbor’s dog has dug up part of your hard work to bury his leftovers?
What do you do when a transient ischemic attack takes away the mobility of a whole side of your body and steals your ability to talk?

These and other real-world examples are situations that could potentially bring out the worst in us – in our words, in our actions, or, at least, in our thoughts. The list is quite long of feelings and actions that could potentially erupt from threatening scenarios such as these.

Mental and spiritual health coach Dan Gabbert outlines in Unbound!, the hope-engendering considerations that can enable one to experience progressive mental and spiritual healing and health – even within the arena of life’s challenges!

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