Hare - Clever Queen (Book)

Eric Hare
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With a collection of second-hand brass instruments and his nursing certificate in hand, Eric B. Hare and his wife Agnes set up a mission station in the jungles of Burma in 1915. There, the young couple cared for the sick, started a brass band, and brought the liberating Gospel to people who’d lived their whole lives under the fear of angry spirits and demons.

Clever Queen, a baby girl whose desperate family had traded her for food, was brought to the clinic to be treated for sores.  When she’d been healed, Dr. Rabbit (Eric Hare) invited her adoptive mother and grandmother to bring her to the mission school when she became old enough.

At the school, Clever Queen learned to read, sing happy songs, and heard about the big world that existed far away from her jungle home. Most importantly, Clever Queen learned about her Father in heaven who loved her and had made a home for her where she could live with Him forever, far from the angry spirits that were worshipped by the people of her village.

Hear the exciting adventures of Clever Queen and learn about the early mission work of the church, as related by one of our best-loved storytellers, the endearing Dr. Rabbit.