Hare - Dr. Rabbit (Book)

Eric Hare
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In 1915, with a collection of second-hand brass instruments and his nursing certificate in hand, Eric B. Hare and his wife Agnes went to live at a newly opened mission station in the jungles of Burma, now Myanmar. There, the young couple cared for the sick, started a brass band, and brought the liberating Gospel to people who’d lived their whole lives under the fear of angry spirits and demons.

Not shy about sharing gory details of wounds and infections, famed storyteller Eric B. Hare tells of his medical and missionary adventures among the Karen people during the pioneering years of Adventist work there. Why did Dr. Rabbit’s hands shake when he cared for his first patient? Who was Dr. Rabbit’s most unusual patient? What made the Karen people love Dr. Rabbit and Mamma Rabbit? Find out in Eric B. Hare’s unforgettable autobiography, Dr. Rabbit.

Chapter titles include:

  • Dr. Rabbit Finds His Special Place
  • Jungle Graduation Exercises
  • Dr. Rabbit’s First Baptisms
  • Dr. Rabbit Earns a New Degree
  • Dr. Bear Joins Up
  • The Curse of the Devil Tree
  • The Witch Doctor’s Magic
  • Mamma Rabbit’s Baby Patients
  • Triumphs and Defeats
  • A Real Doctor Comes
  • Good-by Dr. Rabbit and Mamma Rabbit