Jackson - 1600: The Divine Prescription (3 DVD Series)

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Christ has given humankind a divine prescription to gain salvation. However, have we all accepted this prescription? In Thomas Jackson’s 3-DVD series The Divine Prescription, he describes one of the most important and frequently overlooked aspects of God’s calling: gospel medical missionary work. This work is not just skill and ability, but it is from the heart and soul. Despite our hesitations and excuses, medical missionary work may not be what you initially thought. What does it entail? Hear how God can give us the strength and the opportunity to fulfill His Divine Prescription.

This set includes:

D1601: Divine Prescription - Who is called?

D1602: Divine Prescription - What is True Medical Missionary Work ?  

D1603: Divine Prescription -  How Is This to Be Carried Out? 

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The Divine Prescription
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