Mayer - 420: Media And Youth in the Church (4 DVD set)

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Satan has launched a spiritual attack on youth in the church through popular media. In this four-part series, Scott Mayer of Little Light Studios exposes the spiritual dangers of media culture for youth in the church today. This series examines the unbiblical themes and teachings presented through TV, movies, social media, and other forms of media. What guidance does the Bible offer for living the Christian lifestyle amid the barrage of unbiblical messages in the media?

Find out how spiritualism has crept into popular culture, why social media is connected to depression and rising teen suicide rates, and how superhero movies mess with our spiritual discernment. How can Christians protect themselves from the devil’s spiritual attacks through the media? Discover what the Bible says about how real Christians differ from fake Christians, how to protect yourself from spiritual attack, and what you must do to ensure you’re on Christ’s side in this spiritual warfare.


Filmed Campmeeting 2022