Mayer - 421: Real Eyes Realize Real Lies | Media and Youth in the Church (DVD)

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Superhero movies are among the most popular movies of all time. Many Christians recognize parallels to Bible stories in these movies and reason that because there are Biblical themes in them, they serve a good and useful purpose. Is this true? Or is Satan using media to steal our ability to discern between truth and error? Is he using movies to prepare people to accept him when he appears as a savior of the world? There are many elements of the supernatural in movies, too, and some may wonder, Is it a sin to watch movies with magic?

In this presentation, Scott Mayer of Little Light Studios compares stories in the Bible with versions of them as presented in Avengers, Minions, and Superman. Do Jesus and Superman have something in common? Is Superman like Jesus? What are the important principles for discernment in the Bible that will enable us to discern between good and evil in times of great deception? Find out in this episode.

1 hour 2 minutes


Filmed Campmeeting 2022