Miessler - Grow your Soil! (Book)

Diane Miessler
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Gardening is a lot of work and often the results are not as rewarding as they could be. Is there an easier, better way to garden?

There is! And it has to do with caring for the soil food web, the lifeforms that make the soil work. Certified permaculture designer and lifelong gardener Diane Miessler’s Grow Your Soil, is a fun-to-read introduction to soil biology and a handbook of practical steps you can take to have better soil.

You’ll not only learn about the beneficial organisms that live in the soil, the roles the play, and their particular needs, you’ll also learn about macro- and micro-nutrients, and soil structure. Some of the practical skills you can learn from the book include how to make biochar, how to identify nutrient deficiencies in plants, and how to test soil. You’ll also discover easy soil-building tips like mulching with pulled weeds, growing cover crops, and using a bubbler to make the organic gardener’s miracle elixir - compost tea. Diane’s easy-to-follow, clear instructions are invaluable and make this book a must-have resource for organic gardeners.


Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Elaine Ingham

Chapter 1: The Skinny on Soil: What Makes Soil Good and How Does It Get That Way?

Chapter 2: Building a House: Start with the Roof (Mulch and Cover Crops)

Chapter 3: Build the Walls: Organic Matter and the Soil Food Web That Sticks It Together

Chapter 4: Install Ventilation, Plumbing and a Nice Pantry: No-till Growing, Paths, and CEC

Chapter 5: Fee the Inhabitants: Photosynthesis, Minerals, and Soil Testing

Chapter 6: Compost and Compost Tea: It’s Not Rocket Science

Chapter 7: Where Do I Start? Building a Garden That Feeds Itself

Chapter 8: Housework and Home Repairs: How Not to Make Your Neighbors Hate You