Pandit - Come search with me set (2 Book set)

Subodh Pandit
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Is your religion true because you believe it or do you believe your religion because it is true? 

A seemingly simple question, yet one that can not be easily settled, The Attempt to answer it raises a series of questions that probe the depths of human thinking and belief: 

  • Can anyone, anywhere, make a legitimate claim that his or her beliefs are truly evidence-based? 
  • On what grounds can one believe in the existence or non-existence of God? 
  • Is there such a thing as absolute truth, or is truth always relative? 
  • Can the claims of Buddha, Muhammad, Jesus, Krishna, and others stand the test of close-examination? 

These questions and others like them, demand nothing less than a fair and honest evaluation. Hence the book in your hand. "Come search with me" chronicles one man's incredible journey in the search of persuasive and convincing evidence. 

  • Come Search with Me: Does God Really Exist? (Book 1)
  • Come Search with Me: The Weight of Evidence (Book 2)