Peppers - 1908: The Atheist Who Found God (DVD)

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Not every Christian was born into a Christian family. Some Christians had to go through a lot of struggle in their childhood, youth, and young-adult life before even coming close to Christ. Wes Peppers was an extremely popular and successful student in high school. He seemed to have it all. Friends, success at sports, and an upcoming football scholarship. However, a few defining moments in his life changed his perspective. From an emotionally distant father that broke up their seemingly happy family with divorce, his mother’s suicide attempt, and a devastating sports injury, Peppers felt anger and bitterness grow in his heart. He sought after earthly pleasures to try to fill the hole inside, but his pursuit of happiness fell short. 

Entering college, Peppers completely renounced his faith and became atheist. He had too many doubts and couldn’t find any answers. While planning his own suicide, he felt a mysterious pull to study the Bible. Shortly thereafter, while visiting his Seventh-day Adventist uncle, he received some Bible study guides. The coincidence was too much, so he agreed to study the Word of God, but only in order to prove it false. During Pepper’s Bible study, his mind was completely blown. Despite trying to prove the Bible false, in Pepper’s study he kept finding more irrefutable proof that the Bible is true. He started losing confidence in evolution, and gaining confidence in Christ. 

Though Peppers was finding all the answers his soul was desperately seeking, and his soul was starting to fill with pure truth, he knew he had to do one thing. Just as Jesus forgives us for our sins, so we are to forgive others. Peppers knew he had to forgive his father for all that he had done. However, with his newfound faith, Peppers also understood that he also needed to seek forgiveness from his father as well. After happily restoring his relationship with his family, Peppers then started on his exciting journey with Christ. This beautiful personal testimony shows us how God can totally change our lives. He works miracles in the lives of those who willingly and actively seek him.

55 minutes.

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55 min