Shahbaz - 550: The Prophetic Picture (7 DVD Series)

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The Prophetic Picture takes the viewer on a journey to the East, discussing the role of the Arabs in the Scriptures and in history. Michael Avaylon and Muslim-turned-Christian Shahbaz B. engage in a fascinating dialogue about the children of the east—how they arose and what God’s plan is for them in the end times. Learn how to interpret prophecy in the Bible and understand God’s hand in history unfolding over time. These videos also discuss answers you may be curious about: What does the Bible say about Jesus in relation to the Koran? Do their statements contradict or complement one another? Which one can we trust? What similarities exist between the Seventh-day Adventists and Muslims? What is the Shari’ah law and how is it important in understanding Islam? Start watching the presentations today and learn about these relevant topics in today’s world.

This set includes: 

D551: Light on My Path

D552: Children of the East

D553: Islam the Prophetic Picture - First Woe

D554: Islam the Prophetic Picture - Second and Third Woe

D555: Jesus in the Koran

D556: What We Have in Common

D557: Shari'ah Law