Shahbaz - 552: Children of the East | The Prophetic Picture (DVD)

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Shahbaz B. and Michael Avaylon examine Genesis 16 to clarify who are the children of the east and where they come from. The children of the east are Arabs who descended from Abraham and Hagar, his Egyptian slave. God named the son of this union Ishmael, which means “God hears.” Abraham would later have a child named Isaac with his wife Sarah. Abraham is therefore the father of Ishmael (whose ancestors are the Arabs) and the father of Isaac (whose descendants are the Israelites). He is the father of both these two camps who are still in conflict today. While it was not God’s intention for Abraham and Sarah to take matters into their own hands and produce offspring through their slave Hagar, God redeemed this situation, naming and blessing Ishmael and his descendants. Learn more about the children of the east and how they figure into the Bible. (53 minutes)