Shahbaz - 556: What We Have in Common | The Prophetic Picture (DVD)

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People often compare Muslims and Seventh-day Adventists because of their similar dietary habits. For example, neither Muslims nor Seventh-day Adventists eat pork. Shahbaz B. and Michael Avaylon explain the Biblical mandate behind this way of life for Seventh-day Adventists. When you study Islam further, however, you find the health message is not as similar as it first appears. In Leviticus, the Bible forbids the eating of any shellfish, but shellfish are permissible to eat in Islam. Apart from the health message, Muslims deny the divinity and sonship of Jesus Christ. If we don’t have Jesus in common with Muslims, we also don’t have the Father, which doesn’t leave Seventh-day Adventists and Muslims with much common ground. (25 minutes)