Skeete - 871: A Piece of Cake | A Closer Look (DVD)

Randy Skeete
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What is the first promise in Scripture? Genesis 3:15 says, “I will put enmity between thee and the woman.” Every other promise made in the Bible is based on this striking line, and every other promise is easier to fulfill than this chilling line. The Lord promised to imbue strength and courage to everyone in order to fight against sin, and this is no small task. This promise is the most challenging work God has ever done for the sinner. 

A piece of cake is a simple task. Something that requires minimal effort. In this first lecture from Randy Skeete’s A Closer Look series, we discover how everything except Christ’s first promise to us is a piece of cake. To the Lord, anything is possible and easy, but He does not want to cause us enmity or pain, for He is love. Since the Lord loves us so, He gave us the ultimate chance to battle against sin and satan. By putting enmity in our hearts against sin, God is empowering us to be the opposite of our baser sinful natures. We were all born sinners and born flawed, but Christ has prepared us to fight against our baser instincts.  Many people ask God for things that are a piece of cake to Him: for a house, for a raise, for success at a job. However, asking God to help us overcome sin? That is the biggest challenge, but leads us to the greatest victory. There is a power that is stronger than any sin or darkness, will you allow Him to help you? 

45 minutes 

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A Closer Look
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45 min