Truth Matters Podcast: Episode 14 - Biden, JFK, and the Pope? (DVD)

MacKenzie Drebit & Matthew Schanche
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A drastic shift has occurred in attitudes of the American public toward the president’s Catholic roots. While distrust prevailed toward JFK’s Catholic ties, Biden’s Vatican ties draw little attention. On the contrary, it seems there is an attitude of sympathy toward Rome today, in spite of the obviously cozy relationship between Biden and the Pope. And few Americans seem concerned about the a breakdown of separation of church and state or the Catholic Church’s presence in America’s legislative halls and courts of justice.

Is there too much church in the state? Are Biden and the Vatican ruling America together? Has America been taken over by Jesuits, a military order of the Roman Catholic Church? In this episode, we analyze remarks made by the popular American journalist, Rachel Maddow regarding Roman Catholics in America.

Run time 26 min