Truth Matters Podcast: Episode 27 - 4th Industrial Revolution and the Mark of the Beast (DVD)

MacKenzie Drebit & Matthew Schanche
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Curious about how the "No Buy No Sell" system could be enforced? Skeptical about Bible prophecy? Join Matthew Schanche and MacKenzie Drebit on Truth Matters as they dissect the system's connection to the Mark of the Beast. In this episode, explore the coming currency shift and intriguing connections between the days of Noah and our generation. When and how will "No Buy No Sell" happen? Uncover the signs of prophecy fulfillment. 


Get ready to unravel the upcoming monetary system as Truth Matters explores the IMF's role in building a centralized banking system. The video offers a chilling glimpse into Project Ice Breaker in March 2023, an experiment that aims to bring the "No Buy No Sell" system into reality. Stay tuned with Truth Matters for upcoming episodes as MacKenzie and Matt look deeper into the blockchain monetary system, artificial intelligence, and smart cities. Stay tuned, future episodes will explore the roles of Elon Musk, George Soros, and Lucis Trust, providing further insight in the "No Buy No Sell" system!