Truth Matters Podcast: Episode 9 - Medical Tyranny: Barbara O'Neill on MRNA Vaccines and Big Pharma (DVD)

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The way Covid-19 has been handled has set many shocking precedents and sparked much controversy, especially around the issue of vaccine choice vs. medical tyranny. Questions about vaccine safety and conflicting statements by experts have divided society. The vaccines were rushed through emergency use authorization and governments and businesses quickly rewarded those who got the shot and punished those who didn’t. All this happened amid accusations that the vaccine roll-out contravened every point of the Nuremberg Code, an international law meant to protect people from the kind of experiments Nazi Germany was guilty of in the death camps. Add to this, restrictions of freedom of speech on social media and recent revelations of promises from Mark Zuckerberg to Anthony Fauci to censor all content unsupportive of the pro-vax narrative. What has happened to free speech and our right to choose for ourselves?

Run time 54 min