Truth Matters Podcast: Health Bundle (5 DVD Bundle)

MacKenzie Drebit & Matthew Schanche
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This Health Bundle Includes Episodes 

1805 - Truth Matters Episode 5 - Barbara O'neill answers Top Health questions 

In this episode of Truth Matters, we speak with naturopath, Barbara O’Neill. For forty years, Barbara has been speaking to international audiences about health and teaching people about the body’s ability to heal itself if given the right conditions.

Barbara explains the components of the Genesis diet, the best diet plan for humans. She discusses the spiritual component of wellness, and debunks misconceptions about aging, the use of cayenne pepper, and soy. She also shares information about time-tested resources to have on hand for practical information on health and natural remedies. What are the factors involved in chronic fatigue syndrome and what can you do about it? Want to know how to increase blood oxygen level to increase your energy? What practical steps can you take today to improve your health right now? Find out in this episode of Truth Matters.

1806 Truth Matters Episode 6 - Intimidated and Censored 

In 2018, naturopath Barbara O’Neill was put under investigation by an Australian health authority for advocating a health message that placed the power of healing in the hands of the individual rather than in the hands of the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies.

How was this attack related to the loss of freedom of choice in health care? Is the gag order imposed on her for teaching the benefits of a healthy lifestyle a sign of deepening restrictions on free speech, especially on health topics? Where is this trend taking us? Will natural healing still be an option in the future?

1809 Truth Matters Episode 5 - Medical Tryanny 

The way Covid-19 has been handled has set many shocking precedents and sparked much controversy, especially around the issue of vaccine choice vs. medical tyranny. Questions about vaccine safety and conflicting statements by experts have divided society. The vaccines were rushed through emergency use authorization and governments and businesses quickly rewarded those who got the shot and punished those who didn’t. All this happened amid accusations that the vaccine roll-out contravened every point of the Nuremberg Code, an international law meant to protect people from the kind of experiments Nazi Germany was guilty of in the death camps. Add to this, restrictions of freedom of speech on social media and recent revelations of promises from Mark Zuckerberg to Anthony Fauci to censor all content unsupportive of the pro-vax narrative. What has happened to free speech and our right to choose for ourselves?

1810 Truth Matters Episode 10 - Food shortages and Climate Change 

Have you seen the reports of grocery stores with empty shelves? Has it got you wondering about how to prepare for a food shortage? What should you do? And what’s coming next? Some feel the world is changing in a way that is irreversible. In this episode, we look at the predicted food shortage and how it’s the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. We discuss how food shortages are part of Satan’s end-times strategy to take control of the world. What other signs show this is happening? Will climate change policies play a role? How can you prepare? Find out in this episode.

1812 Truth Matters Episode 12 - Prope Francis speaks: Climate laws, Vax passports and what comes next

Climate change seems to be a huge help in advancing the ecumenical movement between all religions. Will climate change be the unifying factor? What can we learn about this movement as it pertains to Sunday laws? What are ecological sins? What is the Papacy’s role as a civil and spiritual power? This TM Bytes looks at these questions along with some of the other movement we are seeing take place around the world such as passports to be able to enter certain places. Who are the organizations behind this and what are their motives? Join Matthew Schanche and Mackenzie Drebit on this timely discussion.