Veith - 292: The Character of God on Trial | Conflict and Triumph (DVD)

Walter Veith
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The Protestant Reformation accomplished much in restoring Biblical truth to the world. But these truths were met with opposition and persecution came from both Roman Catholics and Protestants themselves. Fleeing Protestants carried their beliefs to North America where God continued to correct doctrinal errors and guide His people toward greater truth.

One of the errors that needed to be confronted was the thought that God is a wrathful deity, an unfair tyrant. The great debate on the character of God affected all the churches in North America. In this presentation, Pastor Water Veith looks at such doctrines as predestination, grace and the law of God and how our understanding of these issues affects our views of God. See why this is a vital, life-and-death issue. 

1 hour 20 minutes