Veith - 290: Conflict and Triumph (6 DVD Series)

Walter Veith
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It is clear from the daily headlines that the world is in crisis and Christ’s coming is imminent. The Bible makes it plain that before the final events take place, God will confront humanity. What is God’s final message to the world? What is the Loud Cry? And why does the Voice from heaven say, “Come out of her My people”? Humanity has a right to understand what is at issue.

In this series, Pastor Walter Veith reviews the Biblical truths that were rediscovered by the Reformers  and were brought to North America by Protestants fleeing from persecution.  He traces the development of a new body of believers, God’s final gathering, around the jewels of truth gleaned from the Reformation. Finally, he shares a glimpse of the shape of the coming conflict relative to current headlines and points us to the blessed hope of Christ’s soon return.

We’re standing on the brink of eternity and God will raise up a people to do His work. Will you respond to His invitation?