Veith - 220 : A Woman Rides the Beast | Total Onslaught (DVD)

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This verse-by-verse exposé of Revelation 17 describes a woman controlling a coalition of powers. The woman has the attributes of the mystery religion of Babylon, and entices the world to follow her precepts.

This DVD presents a thorough exegesis comparing the general views on this chapter with the realities of our present day, including a look at the origin of sports. Revelation 17 sets the stage for the final events in the conflict between good and evil (91 minutes):

  • Origin of sports and the Olympics
  • Secret societies chart (from Kabbalism)
  • The gnostics
  • Golden cup coin
  • Sun worship symbols: fish hat, colors of the Vatican
  • Idolatry
  • Mother of all churches
  • False doctrines reaffirmed, Council of Trent, transubstantiation
  • Mary the mediatrix
  • Pope being all things to all men
  • Mithraism
  • Pope meeting political leaders in the past
  • Jesuit oath
  • The Inquisition