Veith - 845: Zechariah (2 DVD Series)

Walter Veith
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There are so many parallels between the Book of Zechariah and Revelation that Zechariah deserves a second look. Some of Zechariah’s prophecies may have a double application since many of the conditional prophecies failed to be fulfilled in the nation of Israel. These, therefore, must have end-time applications. Join Walter Veith as he examines parallel prophecies in the Book of Zechariah and the Book of Revelation.

Part 1

The Book of Zechariah describes eight visions. In Part 1 of this series, Walter Veith focuses on the symbols of the first four visions, their future spiritual application, God’s promise of restoration and His message of comfort to His people. What are the issues God’s people face in the end time? Who will qualify to be part of God’s kingdom when the Man with the measuring line assesses His people? What is the most important message with which the church of God is entrusted to take to the world? These and other important questions are considered in this presentation.

Part 2

In Part 2 of this series, Walter Veith discusses chapters four and five of Zechariah and draws parallels between the visions here and those in Revelation. God offered encouragement to His church when a remnant returned from Babylon to rebuild the temple. His words of comfort are also applicable to His faithful people today, when the work of building God’s kingdom is so often hindered and faces opposition from without and within.

What future, spiritual applications might there be for the symbol of the “great mountain,” the flying roll, the ephah and the two women? What is the significance of the precise dimensions given for the roll? And how are these things relevant to our day? Answers to these questions and others are considered in this fascinating study of the Book of Zechariah.

Part 3

Part 3 of this series is a study of Zechariah, chapters six to nine. In this presentation, Walter Veith looks at the vision of the four chariots and the mountains of brass and compares this image with Jesus’ messages to the seven churches in the Book of Revelation. How might this vision have application to the time in which we are living?

What constitutes an acceptable fast is considered in the study of chapter seven. A study of chapter eight reflects upon such questions as, Why does God allow apostasy in the church? and What are the two pillars of the Christian church? A study of chapter nine focuses on God’s promised restoration and what we must do to participate in that restoration and the setting up of God’s eternal kingdom.

Part 4

A study of Zechariah, chapters 10 – 14. This is the fourth and concluding part of Walter Veith’s study of the Book of Zechariah. Parallels are drawn between the symbols in Zechariah and those in Revelation. In this episode, Veith examines the enemies of God, God’s promises to His faithful ones, the latter rain, the false shepherd, and God’s ultimate victory over evil and the restoration of all things.

One of the amazing similarities between Zechariah and Revelation is their similar endings. Both books depict in vivid detail the climax of earth’s history, the second coming of Christ. Both John and Zechariah point to troublous times ahead for God’s people, but God has given many precious promises for our support and encouragement.  We must make these promises our own, or how will we stand?