Veith - 923: Remember (DVD)

Walter Veith
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The word “remember” occurs approximately 144 times in the Bible. God often implores us to remember His commandments and to remember His word. Why is it then, we so often forget? Can the Spirit of Prophecy be our reminder? Are we able to remember on our own, or do we require help? Simply looking to Calvary or to the cross may not be sufficient. In this single sermon by Walter Veith, he delves into John 14-16 and discusses the importance of following the word of God as it is written. 

The world spiritualizes away the word of God, interpreting and changing the true meaning of the Bible. Veith reminds us to remember the truth as it exists in the Bible. Hear how Veith dissects other key writings and compares them to the veracity of the Bible. He explores the Spirit of Prophecy and explains how everyone has access to the Holy Spirit, but the gift of the Holy Spirit is only given to those who obey Him and those who remember to follow his commandments. Can we remember to follow God?