Westbeau - Little Tyke (Book)

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In 1946, a caged mother lion was killing her litter of cubs when Georges Westbeau reached through the bars and pulled one to safety. He and his wife cared for the rescued lion cub at their farm and named her Little Tyke.

When the cub was old enough the Westbeaus tried introducing meat into her diet. They’d been told that carnivores like lions must have meat to survive. But the smell of the meat was repulsive to Little Tyke and she wouldn’t eat it. Anxious for her health and proper development, her keepers tried tricking her into eating meat, thinking she’d grow to like it if they could just get her to try it. You’ll laugh at the desperate measures her caregivers tried to get Little Tyke to eat meat. What was the surprising turning point in the struggle between Little Tyke and her keepers?  

Find out and hear more about this amazing African lioness whose best friend was a lamb named Becky. Learn about God’s ideal plan for His creatures in this heartwarming classic story.