Wylie - The Papacy (Book)

J.A. Wylie
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In this classic exposition of the authentic Protestant understanding of the Scriptures on the Antichrist, J. A. Wylie begins with a word study, establishing the two meanings of the word “antichrist.” This study establishes the traits and characteristics of the antichrist and the role he plays in relation to Jesus Christ. This word study, in itself, eliminates a list of contenders that have been proposed, especially in recent years for antichrist’s identification. Islam and all atheists do not meet the criteria described by the word “antichrist.”

The author then goes into a point-by-point, comprehensive exegesis of Scriptures on the topic, demonstrating the exclusive and perfect fit of the papacy. The logic is easy to follow, the arguments irrefutable. The chapters are brief and to-the-point.

If you want to know what Protestants once believed about the Antichrist and why, this book is a must-read. An excellent reference for Bible students.


Chapter titles:

  • The Term “Antichrist”
  • Antichrist Portrayed Before His Birth
  • Antichrist – An Enemy Under a Mask
  • Antichrist – No Atheist or Communist
  • The Two Mysteries of the Bible
  • The Pastor Become a Monarch – Ten Centuries of Climbing
  • The King with the Three Crowns – The Vicar
  • The “All-Power” of Christ and of Antichrist
  • “Signs and Wonders” of Christ and of Antichrist
  • Antichrist’s “Signs and Wonders” of Terror
  • The All-deceivableness of Unrighteousness
  • The Culmination of the Parallelism – An Enthronization
  • Antichrist’s Usurpation over Kings and Nations
  • Antichrist Exalts Himself Above God
  • Man of Sin and Son of Perdition
  • Antichrist – His Doom
  • Does Not the Likeness Fit?
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