Wylie - History of the Waldenses (Book)

J.A. Wylie
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In spite of almost universal apostacy, God has always had a remnant people, a group of true believers who cannot be bought out or forced by threat to yield the truth upon which they stand. During the prophetic 1260 years of papal domination, God provided refuge for His remnant in wilderness strongholds and remote valleys. Near the end of the twelfth century under the leadership of Peter Waldo, the Waldensian church arose, restoring Biblical truth, and drawing the ire of Rome.

Who were the Waldenses and what did they believe? How did they influence reformers who came after them and what impact did they have upon the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century? What lessons do the Waldensians have for us today?

Learn about the sufferings and triumphs of the Waldenses in this masterfully written classic by J. A. Wylie.

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