Cross - 3026: How to Effectively Address Weight Loss Naturally | Old Mountain Remedies (DVD)

Walt Cross
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Would you like to learn how to lose 100 pounds? Or how to lose 50 pounds? Or how to lose 30 pounds? Learn the best way to lose weight and keep it off safely, naturally, and permanently.

Billions of dollars are spent on diet and weight loss products each year in the US and most don’t have the desired lasting results. In this episode, Walt Cross looks at why diets don’t work and shows how to make a systematic four-step weight loss plan that will help you lose weight and keep it off so you can reap the health benefits of being your optimal weight.

What are the root causes of obesity? How can they be addressed? What are the solutions to the roadblocks that prevent weight loss? What can you do if you’re predisposed to obesity? Can you safely lose weight if you have a health condition that’s caused you to be overweight? How can you deal with weight gain caused by prescription drugs?

Would you like to learn the keys to weight loss success? Did you know that simply shifting your eating schedule can affect your weight loss goals? Find out how to space your meals to maximize your body’s ability to burn calories. Does God have a prescription for permanent weight loss? What should you do if you fall? Discover the secrets that will help you achieve your weight loss objective and reach your overall health goals.
103 minutes