DeVasher - 1407: Give, Give (DVD)

Kameron DeVasher
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How can we give with love? How can we give selflessly? We are born with the ‘getting’ mentality. We want things, and we live in a society that encourages selfishness and always looking out for ourselves. However, the kingdom of God is quite different. God wants us to love each other. We can demonstrate this love by giving to others. Kameron DeVasher discusses how love is the ultimate law in God’s kingdom. 

DeVasher also assesses how Satan fell due to his selfishness, as Satan only cared about himself and getting as much power and control as he could. He never considered others or thought of sacrificial love. It is only through sacrifice and giving that we can experience true Godly love. To answer the question about how to give, look to God. Consider how God sacrificed and gave us his only son for our salvation because he loved us. How can we imitate that type of love? DeVasher covers a few ways to give sacrificially and how it will bring us spiritual fulfillment. (60 minutes)